About me

Young Business Woman – Introduction

I am a 21 year old woman, with a mission to inspire young professionals starting out in their careers.

My career started in 2018 as a Business Adminstrator Apprentice, studying a level 3 apprenticeship in Business administration. I am now still working at the same organisation and I have started studying for a degree apprenticeship in Business and Leadership.

Using my own knowledge and experience, I would like to use this blog to let young people know about the options they have after leaving school regarding their future careers, focusing mainly on apprenticeships, and letting them know how they can go about finding apprenticeships suitable for them. With this in mind, I would also like to use my blog to share my own experience when it comes to my working life, but also how I maintain a work life balance as a young professional.

I would like to use this blog to share:

  • My top tips (Organisation, confidence, professionalism etc…)
  • A ‘day in the life’
  • Work fashion
  • Easy ‘go to’ breakfast and lunch
  • Office and Home desk set up
  • What you can expect from an apprenticeship

Also, I would like to share personal things on my blog to show young people who may be worried about going into a professional environment, that we can still have fun and carry on doing the things we love doing, such as:

  • Fitness
  • Holidays/travelling
  • Foods
  • Spending time with family and friends (maintaining social life)

If I blog successfully throughout 2021, I hope to have met my mission by inspiring young people in their career, whether they are at the start of their career and read my blog which then inspires them to look at the option of an apprenticeship, or for people further into their career who read my blog and it helps them out in any way or allows them to relate to my content.

Everything on my blog will be based on my own knowledge and experiences. If I state any facts or I have researched into something to gain a deeper understanding, I will state this and give credit in the relevant blog posts.

Please interact with me and let me know your thoughts on my blog posts. If you have any suggestions or would like to see a particular blog post, please let me know! I would also love to hear about your experiences and journeys in your careers.

I hope you enjoy my blog :).

-Young Business Woman

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